This guide shows how to connect to your Citrix hosted desktop or application.

Before you get started

If you have not used Citrix on your machine before it’s best to download Citrix Workspace which you can download from

If it installed you will see a blue Citrix icon in your taskbar (if it is black you have an older version and should download the latest from above)


If the application asks for an account enter

Get started

Signing In

You can login by double clicking the Citrix icon in your taskbar or by going to the sign in page:

You will then be presented with your desktops and apps via StoreFront.
Click on one to launch it. You can also click the little down arrow underneath to get further options.

Desktop Viewer

While in Citrix desktop you will have a black dropdown toolbar available.

Home Minimises your Citrix session and takes you back to your regular PC
Full-screen Will make Citrix full screen. If you have two monitors and want your session on both screens then first drag the window so it covers both screens, then press the Full-Screen button.
Preferences If you accidentally denied access to local files, your webcam or microphone you can go here to allow access or change the settings.
Disconnect This will disconnect from your session. It does not log you out. When you connect again you will return to where you left off.

Closing Your Session

It is important to logout when you are finished working for the day/session. This frees up resources and makes sure you don’t loose your work.

You can do this by clicking Start, clicking on your User icon and choosing Sign out.

You can also find a red LOG OFF icon on your desktop that does the same thing if you prefer.

Using Local Files

If you need to access your files from your computer whilst working in Citrix you can do so. You will find your computers drives are listed under This PC.

Your local Desktop will be found on Local Disk (C: on <YOURPC>) in the Users\<YOURNAME>\Desktop folder.

You cannot access Citrix drives from your computer, you must do it within Citrix.

Alternatively if you minimise Citrix Workspace you can copy a local file then go back into Citrix and paste it in. 

Force Closing Your Session / App

If you cannot get to your desktop or application it might be that you are still logged in but your session has crashed. You can force a logoff as follows.

First right click the Citrix Workspace icon. Then choose Connection Center.

You will see your active session and the name of the server you are connected to.
Click on the server name then press Log Off.

Once complete you can try to launch your app again and you should start with a clean working session.